The only three things you need to be an entrepreneur

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on March 18, 2015 @ 12:07 a.m.

Written by Mark Dykeman

Here is some good news: you donít need tons of money, a fancy office or an army of people to be an entrepreneur. Itís easier than ever to start and maintain a business. But there are some key qualities that you need to be an entrepreneur. Instead of worrying a lot of the common trappings and foibles that we associate with being in business, letís think about what you really do need.

But first, the myths. The misconceptions, from a different era You donít need angel funding, VC funding, massive lines of credit or a trust fund to start a business. You donít need a corner office, the best equipment or a multi-layered organization chart with all of the best, brightest and most expensive employees to start a company. Yes, some business are capital intensive, requiring lots of equipment, buildings, land, inventory and people to get the job done. But letís face it: if itís just you, creating an online business to achieve self-employment or an Ittybiz, you donít need all of those things. In fact, they just create burdens, stress and waste. For the cost of Internet access, a computer, a website and your knowledge and experience, you can hang your shingle up there with the best of them. The point is that the barriers to entry to starting a business are almost non-existent.

Three things all entrepreneurs must have There are only three things you need to be an entrepreneur: * The desire to help people * The ability to solve problems * The ability to get things done Letís look at these in a bit more detail. The desire to help people Itís pretty simple, really. Businesses and organizations exist to help people, either directly or indirectly. When you do business, youíre providing goods and services that people want or need. Otherwise, they donít buy anything and thereís no business. Whether you make these goods and services yourself or youíre a broker or sales person who facilitates business transactions, youíre still helping people. The ability to solve problems You succeed in business when you help people solve their problems. These can be fundamental, simple things like providing the means for food, shelter and amenities. You can provide cleaning, landscaping or construction. Luxury items or services are possibilities. And, at a basic level, you can sell emotions like happiness and hope (I know that may sound a bit manipulative, but if you think about it, itís true.) The reason people needs businesses is because there are challenges for them getting what they want. They need someone to solve problems for them. The basic problems that the entrepreneur solves are: * Eliminating scarcity/providing access * Education * Reducing costs * Providing needed equipment, skills, knowledge and experience * Providing the opportunity for other work or play to occur * Saving time These are just some simple examples. Problems can be far more complex, requiring multiple skills, knowledge and experience. Problem solving techniques are key tools for an entrepreneur.

The ability to get things done But perhaps the most important thing you need is the ability to get things done. This is the application of desire and skill. You need to be able to provide good solutions to problems and you need the desire and drive to do so. This is about more than just you and your own skills. You need the ability to get help, to engage other entrepreneurs and to work in teams to get things done. Obviously thereís a whole lot to this, but for now, this is a good overview. For more info please visit:

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