Money vs. Passion

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on March 30, 2015 @ 12:07 a.m.

Written by Angie A. Swartz

This week, Ive had about six really meaningful conversations with folks about passionate life work versus working for money. It really is too bad that we even need money. Its such a BIG distraction. People want to go in one direction but they end up going in the other because of money. Or, they go down the path they feel most passionate about and then have to switch gears because they run out of money. I met a lady this week in that exact position. She clearly needed Seth Godins book, The Dip, which Ive mentioned here before. What would we do if we didnt have to think about money at all? I often ask my clients to write a press release about themself as if they had won the lottery. Why? Because I think its a freeing exercise that helps facilitate clarity about what were really proud of and what we really want. Equally important is that you can then tailor your life to go in that direction even though you havent hit the jackpot. You may be able to implement some small changes in your everyday life that impact a big change for you. Ive been thinking about all this everyday and then I read Seth Godins blog this morning.

I love Seths blog so much that I almost think I could just feed his to you guys and stop writing. Some days it seems hes walking in my path next to me and then writing about what Im living. Heres his post today, When in Doubt, (Dont) Follow the Money. Seth, thanks for another great post and for reminding me to stay on my path.

Lastly, The Barenaked Ladies have been a favorite band for years. Its not coincidence. If you know them, you know that their breakthrough song is, If I had a Million Dollars.and it always reminds me to be present with my dreams.and to slow down and have a litte fun. Happy Friday everyone! For more info please visit:

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