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Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on April 19, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

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If youre trying to find angel investors, its unlikely that they will fall in your lap. They dont have name tags and they wont slip a calling card in your pocket when youre not looking. You have to go after them, and do it in a ruthless fashion. But when you know how, youll be able to find them no matter what city youre in.

Find Angel Investors with Networking

Some people are better than others when it comes to networking, but we all have friends, right? When you need to find angel investors ask every last friend you have if they know someone. The message will soon spread and before you know it someone somewhere will get your message.

It may seem like you cant do this anywhere in the world. But even moving to totally new city, someone you know will have a connection. Ask your closest connection to set up a meeting and your one step closer to pitching your business. The key is to keep networking and dont lose faith. The Local Angel Investor Groups

Angel in meditation

To find angel investors, you need to go to places where the angel investors are. This wont always be in a physical form, and online there are plenty of angel investors in groups that discuss possible deals. The issue is that most angel investors will only look into local propositions. So be sure to find angel investors groups for your specific area.

If you can use your networking advantages there might even be a chance to pitch your business to the angel groups. But for this to happen you might need to earn some respect beforehand. Think of the long term goal and dont just jump straight into your investment pitch.

Private Angel Investors

Some investors wont join the groups, or appear in your network. They act like a superhero and only appear when you really need them. You can find these angel investors by speaking with investment advisors. An investment advisor will have a multitude of contacts ready and waiting for the perfect deal, and help you find angel investors. Discuss your options and treat a meeting with an investment advisor with the same importance as an angel. You never know who theyll recommend.

They Hunt In Packs

As weve mentioned before, angel investors often group together. And this is no different once you find and angel investor interested in your business. If you pitch your business to one investor, you will be likely pitching it to a wide number of investors. This is because they discuss your company with one another and usually make deals amongst themselves.

This is called sharing the risk.

When you find the opportunity to pitch your business, make sure youre 100% ready. There might be another chance in the future, but youve put the effort in to find angel investors for months. Now is the moment to really sell your business opportunity. Because even if they arent interested and you show your a professional with a good idea, their friends might still be interested. For more info please visit:

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