5 Tips on Managing Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on July 31, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Rod Kirby

Yesterday, in a poll, I asked, Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed with Social Media? I can already guess a couple of the answers, but Ill share the results with you all next week. The fact of the matter is, if youre an entrepreneur and youve just created a Facebook account, started your first blog, and still dont know what Twitter is . . . youre probably overwhelmed with social media. There are probably a ton of things that you havent discovered and once you do you might feel like its all too much to handle. But fret not my friend! Youre not alone and its actually not as bad as you think.

Before we take a look at some ways to help you manage your social media activities, lets explore why youre doing it in the first place. I call it . . .

Square One

This is the cornerstone of your social media and networking activities. In order to make a return on investment one has to first understand why he or she wants to invest in it. Im sure youre thinking, to make money, Rod, duh! Money is fine and dandy, but what if I told you that by engaging with people online you could get something better than money? Thats right! What could be better than money? How about someones trust and favor? What about building a relationship that could net you the repeat business of that one person and all of their friends? This is the simple yet powerful truth of social media.

Someones influence online can be just as or more effective as a 30 second advertisement on Television. In traditional media you only have a limited time to catch a prospects attention and pitch them your product or service. By maximizing social media time becomes your friend and not your enemy. The longer you build a genuine relationship with people the easier it is for them to trust you which is the equivalent of gold and silver. If you want to learn more about building relationships and trust in social media I highly recommend Chris Brogans new book, Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust. For the uninformed, Chris is a rock star of social media and has built a loyal following through his blog and social media activities.

Now that you have a better understanding of why youre engaging in social media in the first place lets move on to . . .

Square Two

The first building block of social media is actually networking with like-minded individuals. Thats where Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Ning sites, and other networks come in. I highly recommend Facebook for building deeper relationships, Twitter for instant communication, news, and sharing, and Linkedin for an overall professional web presence and business networking.

Tip#1 - Dont join everything!

There are some that would disagree with me on this, but I believe you should only join a site that youre going to devote time to actually being on. When people reach out to you on sites that youve joined but dont maintain youll reach back too late and miss opportunities. I recommend that you choose 3 main sites that youll be able to update easily and maintain. My top three picks are Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for the reasons specified above.

Tip #2 - Create a Social Media Plan!

Having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is great and all, but dont forget that theyre still platforms for marketing yourself, blog, products or services. So include social media into your marketing plan. Go at it with a plan and set realistic goals like generating web traffic, increasing your email newsletter subscriber base, or sell X amount of product units per month.

Tip #3 - Integrate social media tools!

No matter where you are or what youre doing youre able to update your blog, your Facebook page, or Twitter status in a matter of minutes. That could be via phone, computer, or even email. Learning to integrate tools on a regular basis is the key to maintaining your sanity with it all. Maximize web applications like;

* Ping.Fm This site updates all your social networks and blogs at the same time. It really takes the hassle out of logging in and doing it all manually. Note: When update all your status at the same time, you loose the engagement element that makes social media work so well for business. Youre there in spirit but not there in presence. I only use this service for letting my networks know of new blog posts or universal messages. I stay active on my social networks beyond using it to keep my level of engagement high.

* TweetDeck Excellent desktop application that allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, and now, your Myspace accounts at the same time. Each account is managed in a window all within the application. Very versatile tool that allows you go beyond the Twitter websites functionality and keep the same functionality of the Facebook and Myspace sites.

* Google Reader If youre new to social media, youll be reading a lot of websites and blogs that can help you increase your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in that area. Read them all in one spot via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). In short, RSS allows a website to send new articles to RSS reader programs. Which means, youll get new stuff without having to visit every website in your bookmarks! Visit Googles Reader site, Subscribe to The Success Center, and youll instantly start receiving new articles when theyre published. Also, you can Follow Me in Google Reader where I share lots of articles that I find helpful and informative.

* Google Calendar This is a great tool to help you organize your blog posts, web content, events, and life in general. Ill explain more on it in Tip #5. * Web Browser Extensions + Plugins:

1. The Hootlet Once youre on twitter youll want to share news, articles, blog posts that you write, etc. instantly. Hootsuite is a browser based twitter manager with a twist, they actually track your tweets. So youre able to see how many people click on a link you shared that goes back to your website. I dont use Hootsuites website for my twittering (as I use tweetdeck now) but I do use their Hootlet browser plugin that allows me to share on twitter from my browser. Its extremely useful.

2. Facebook Share Button Similar to the Hootlet, you can also grab the Facebook share button which works with any web browser as well. Just as the name implies youre able to share any content with your Facebook network no matter what browser you use.

* Mobile Applications:

1. Blackberry Im a crackberry user and abuser so when Im out and about and I need to send a quick update, I use Ubertwitter. It allows me all of the functionality of the Twitter mobile website plus, retweeting, search, following, and unfollowing. Facebook App The Facebook application has come a long way. It gives you access to your Facebook stream with status updates, pictures, etc. One unique feature is it syncs up your friends with your phone book so youll have numbers at the touch of a button plus their profile pic. Unfortunately, you cant access your in-box, but you are able to send messages. Viigo This priceless tool allows me to get all of my Google Reader feeds (or websites) on my phone. So Im never disconnected or out of the loop when it comes to the blogs and websites I subscribe to. It also has a twitter client built into the app for easy updating, weather, news, and more. Give it a try. WordPress for Blackberry I actually just found out that theres a WordPress app for Blackberry in beta. I havent used it yet, but will definitely give it a try.

2. Iphone Tweetdeck same functionality as the desktop version . . . smaller package. Facebook app I hear that the blackberry and Iphone versions are a bit different, but none-the-less, a valuable tool for staying connected. WordPress for Iphone yep, you can blog away while youre on a long plane ride, at a meeting, or even live event.

Tip #4 - Invest a hour a day

If youre a super busy entrepreneur, like most are, try penciling in a set time of day that you can relax and write a blog post, respond to comments on Facebook or Twitter, and share information that you find on the web. Ive been a web junkie since I was born so Im on the net working for hours at a time naturally. If youre more strategic and structured than me then a set time might help you to develop good social media habits.

Tip #5 - Plan out your website or blog content

I cant stress enough how important it is to create an editorial calendar for your website or blog. Most entrepreneurs create a static business card of a website and all this does is tell people who you are, what you do, and what you offer. If you really want to build relationships and earn sales, teach people something unique and share it with the world. This is the essence of blogging. Some of my clients take to it extremely fast and others are like, how in the world do I fit this into my daily routine? The answer is two-fold; first see Tip #4 and second, plan out your articles in a monthly calendar. This will keep you organized, on-track, and you wont be stuck trying to figure out what to write. Heres a short video explaining my process for creating The Success Centers editorial calendar. I use Google Calendar to schedule my posts. This keeps everything organized and I can also access my calendar on my phone while Im mobile.

These 5 tips are a reflection of the strategies Ive employed to help me manage and maximize social media for my business. Dont feel overwhelmed by the amount of tools Ive listed. A tool is only as useful as its handler makes it. Somethings will work well for you and some wont, they key is to test, try, and try again. What tools do you currently use that should of been added to this list? If you have a handle on social media, how are you managing it? And if you havent already, dont forget to cast your vote in the poll below.

For more info please visit: http://under30ceo.com/young-entrepreneur-advice-100-things-you-must-know/

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Crystal Washington is a GREAT SPEAKER!

The video was on point thank you moneyblitz for sharing. -Shela

Tip #3 - Integrate social media tools!

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