B is for Beachhead strategies

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on September 02, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Peter Baskerville and Dr. Neil Flanagan

Entrepreneur and the beachhead strategy: Entrepreneurs have a natural understanding and appreciation of Beachhead Strategies. Beachhead strategies are the strategies that an entrepreneur uses to gain market penetration and customer acceptance for their products. Like the war metaphor they mirror, beachhead strategies aim to secure a foothold as a prerequisite to the main game. Entrepreneurs and generals alike know that the main game is too heavily guarded and fortified for a full frontal attack so they each secure a space in some easily acquired ground and then use that position to eventually strike out for the intended target.

Entrepreneurs may launch with me-too products just to establish market acceptance and then leverage their new found position to release the high-margin innovative upgrade or add-on. They may partner with established networks, alliances and trusted brands to establish a market acceptance before striking out on their own, they may gives lots away for free, just to build momentium and demand for their product. They may spend time working in an industry or firm to gain the necessary contacts and market intellegence before the launch of their own venture.

Principles of War The book Harvard Business Essentials: Strategy Create and implement the best strategy for your business talks about beachhead strategies [3] in the light of Carl von Clausewitzs nineteenth century book on military strategy titled Principels of War. The authors purport that the lessons learned from Clausewitzs timeless advice is to aim at the sharp end of the spear where rivals are weak or uninterested in what you are doing." The book sites many examples of this strategy including Sam Waltons (Wal-Mart) strategy of opening in small towns that were not served by the formidable rivals like the retail giants, Sears and J.C.Penny. Once launched, other beachhead strategies that could be adopted by the new venture include: (1) Build momentum not profit (2) Be the topic of conversation (3) Work with your champions (4) Create memorable experiences (5) Create addictions (6) Break habits and break through (7) Remove barriers (8) Linkup with the locals (9) Focus on what matters and (10) Exploit the unforeseen opportunities.

Every project can be broken into two halves making a start and all the other stuff PB

For more info please visit:http://knol.google.com/k/characteristics-of-an-entrepreneur#view

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Beachhead strategies


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