D is for Destiny

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on September 04, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Peter Baskerville and Dr. Neil Flanagan

The entrepreneurial spirit is interlocked with a sence of destiny. For the entrepreneur, life is not just a process of accumulating physical assets nor just the indulgence of physical pleasure nor even the cyclical life of comfort and leisure NO! It is making a difference, it is living a life of significance, it is embarking on a never ending journey to be the best that they can be and being the greatest influence for 'good' that they can.

They are driven to take control of their future, to craft their destiny and if needs be, to make sacrifices in the short term for a greater long term gain. Many entrepreneurs hold to the same view as was expressed by Winston Churchill [4], the wartime Prime Minister of Great Britain, who said "I felt as if I were walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and this trial." It is not their business that makes entrepreneurs a champion, they chose the champions life from an early age and so developed their character until it eventually becomes self evident.

"Our destiny is the last thing we discover after having prepared for it all our lives" PB

For more info please visit:http://knol.google.com/k/characteristics-of-an-entrepreneur#view

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Hmmm... I useto date a girl name Destiny

lol, real talk

Very good quote of the day / night

Hmmm... What's my destiny. This is a good switch up from last months articles. Oscar

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