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Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on September 13, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Peter Baskerville and Dr. Neil Flanagan

Entrepreneurs start enterprises because they want to make meaning. They have an inherent desire to change the world and to make the world a better place. So, for the entrepreneur, making money becomes a means to that end and not an end in itself. Richard Branson says “Above all, you want to create something you are proud of…. I can honestly say that I have never gone into any business purely to make money … I’ve had to create companies that I believe in 100%. These are companies I feel will make a genuine difference.”

Guy Kawasaki - Entrepreneur and Meaning: Guy Kawasaki in his book ‘The Art of the Start’ [10] goes further to explain that entrepreneurs can create the meaning, which will become the driving motivational force behind their ventures, in one of three ways

To increase the quality of life and to change people’s lives for the better To right a terrible wrong which is most prominent in the area of social entrepreneurship To prevent the end of something good where but for a new innovative approach something beautiful can be made to be sustainable again "Purpose to Life?

How about, never giving up, committing yourself to the continuous development of your allotted talent and being the best possible influence for good in every corner of the world in which you live" PB

For more info please visit:http://knol.google.com/k/characteristics-of-an-entrepreneur#view

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Your Business needs meaning

Live with a purpose

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