U is for Under the radar

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on September 21, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Peter Baskerville and Dr. Neil Flanagan

Scratch the surface of any true entrepreneurs and you will find a revolutionary on a mission to change the world. However, entrepreneurs soon learn that they achieve this best by flying under the radar. That is, securing their entry into markets with minimal notice or perceived threat ensuring the least negative reaction from competitors, suppliers, partners or customers. They often are the wolf in sheeps clothing appearing to be like everyone else until the timing and strength is there to reveal all. Entrepreneurs know that the status-quo in any field is a powerful force and it is programmed to quickly and ruthlessly crush any sign of difference or deviation from the mean.

So, the entrepreneur, instead of full frontal attack will appease, cajole and avoid ruffling feathers until it is too late for others to counter respond i.e. by the time the entrepreneurs full hand is revealed it is too late for others to mount a challenge. Entrepreneurs will arrive at a sustainable position almost un-noticed by flying under the radar and will conquer more by stealth than by force. Arnold Kling in his book Under the Radar: Starting Your Internet Business without Venture Capital outlines the benefits that this strategy delivers when starting a new internet business.

To a large extent even this Google Knol project is being launched 'under the radar'. There is very little self promotion being done by Google and very little responce from them when they are attacked. Google's knol project is quietly adding features to improve the product and gaining traction in the market almost unnoticed by rivals that have too quickly placed it in the non-relevant and non-threat box. Whilst not privy to the Google mind, it seems that there is much more in store for the Knol project that when fully released and promoted it will be too late for competitors to respond.

"Entrepreneur Revolutionary inside"

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U is for Under the radar

U is for Under the radar

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