Entrepreneur just sound so hipster

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on October 01, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Ben Hebert

Starting your own business, making millions of dollars, and avoiding the corporate world has never been more hip. Generation Y thinks big business is bad (probably thanks to Enron), and that starting your own business leads to this glamorous lifestyle.

What’s got my generation starting their own businesses? Time Magazine has already named us man of the year, some college drop-outs are changing the way we interact, and being a nerd will finally get you the girl.

Everything seems so easy, start a business, make money – take a vacation, buy cool toys, upgrade your car, and show up the world.

If the last sentence sounds like you, then the next piece of news will come at quite a disappointment: Entrepreneurship is like a 100 year war; Except you have less soldiers then your enemies.

Start-ups face the same daily issues as larger firms with less people to do them, less resources to pay for it, and even less time. When you’re bootstrapping (starting up without outside funding), you’re going to need to survive off of some kind of additional income. You’ll probably need to show some sort of profitability soon, and there is no margin for error.

Everyday you’ll be trying to make something happen, but that break might take weeks, months, or years. Or you’ll be like almost everyone else and fail. Before you get started, get some experience somewhere else. Whether it’s within the industry or at a totally unrelated startup. Both experiences would give you insight that you would have to learn along the way.

Here are three great websites to find jobs at startups across the country:

* jobs.mashable- the #1 social media news site has cashed in on a job board that also features rocking internships. * startuply – startuply makes it simple to search for exactly what industry & job type that you’re interested in. * jobs.venturebeat - “see mashable jobs description” with less internships and more technical based positions.

Note – The idea for this blog post started before Hipster started getting all of this coverage on Techcrunch, it became a Quora question, or me finding this mildly NSFW website via twitter.

For more info please visit: http://benhebert.com/2011/01/20/entrepreneur-hipster-startup/

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