Stop Wasting Time Doing Stupid Things and Go Make Money!

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on October 18, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Katrina Sawa

So many entrepreneurs I talk with every week are wasting so much time doing random things in their business or marketing, thinking they are being productive but really arenít. They are keeping Ďbusyí but that could mean nothing if what youíre doing isnít bringing in any money or customers into your business. My experience however is that most entrepreneurs really donít know what will make them money and they donít really know where to be spending their time in order to generate new clients consistently and affordably.

Yet the biggest mistake youíre making if you may fall into this categoryÖis that you are NOT asking for help. You think youíre going to figure it out all on your own yet you may never have owned your own business before, and even if you have it may have been completely different than the one you have now or it was so long ago when you had to market that one that everything has dramatically changed.

You see, many of the basic, basic, marketing strategies that used to work still do but you may have gotten to the point in your business where you donít think you have to do those things anymore; like networking, phone calls, speaking and direct mail.

Or youíre new in business and so mesmerized by social media, websites, blogs, videos and email marketing that you forget about those Ďoldí strategies. Well those Ďoldí strategies are still today some of the biggest forms of lead generating I still do to grow my business.

Donít get me wrong, you still need to do the newer forms of marketing too; you need to do them all which can be very overwhelming. So, how are you managing it all and getting it all done so you can reach more people every month (thousands of people and prospects!)? Youíre not, I know. No one can do it all themselvesÖwell, you need implementation help but you also need a clear, proven plan on where and how to spend your valuable time, especially since you seem to have less and less of it every week!

Thatís where it usually is that you donít know what you donít know and therefore you spin your wheels doing this and that or whatever you Ďhearí should work rather than investing in yourself some way to really learn the right way to market and grow your business.

You see, when someone wants to become a lawyer they donít just walk into a courtroom and start trying a case do they? No, they go to law school. When someone wants to become a nurse they donít just walk into a hospital and start poking people with needles right? No, they go to nursing school. Yet every Tom, Dick and Susan think they can print a business card, maybe get up their own website and all of a sudden be an entrepreneur! See how this doesnít compute? There is no training, just whatever knowledge might be in your head and depending on what your background is and what business you start, you could be in serious trouble.

This though is why so many businesses fail, they just never invest enough in their own learning on how to be a successful, profitable entrepreneur. In fact only 5% of the US population is making over $100,000 each year, did you know that? Thatís a shame in my eyes and I want to change that.

Iíve done it. Iíve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own learning, mentoring, workshops and masterminds and now I am in the multiple 6-figure range, so Iím one of the 5%.

What about you, where are you?

Where do you want to be? What are you seriously willing to do to get there and when? If you keep telling yourself lies and excuses you may never get there so stop it. Stop wasting your days away doing mindless marketing that isnít getting you anywhere and figure out what it is you do need to be doing and spending your time on in order to start making some real money in your business.

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