5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Henry Ford

Posted by Pierre de la Fortune on October 27, 2015 @ 12:01 a.m.

Written by Theone.R

Those who are accustomed to read the articles of this blog have read one of the most famous quotes by Henry Ford, one of the great entrepreneurs in history.

Today we will focus on five of the many ideas that he said during his successful business life and that is good advice for entrepreneurs.

Anyone wishing to undertake should be aware of this reality. A company can not exist without its customers. Every decision you make, every reflection on the business strategy has to focus on the customer first. Because there is a larger truth that business: you pay your client list.

This advice is very important. Many times in life you have to negotiate business. Examples abound, from the rental of premises to the conditions of employees going on with customer contracts and purchases with suppliers.

Good negotiation requires understanding the point of view and needs of another person. If we close ourselves and our self-interest alone, we can get some gains but long term we are lost.

Another quote from Henry Ford said that nothing much like it is especially difficult if divided into small tasks. When we are faced with a problem, sometimes we feel lost by the extent of it. We do not know where to start to fix it, and we despair. But really, what overwhelms us is that a problem is composed of many individual aspects we can not solve all at once.

If we calmed and focused on attacking the problems step by step, we realize that we can solve them one by one. We may take time, but we are moving forward and solving every aspect. Faced with poor results, we can leave or decide to try again. An interesting fact is known that virtually all millionaires we know have failed at some point in their careers (some more than once). It is very rare to get something important in the first attempt.

It is important when it fails to learn from mistakes. As I wrote a few days ago, undertaking sometimes you win and others will learn. We could also say that undertaking is not for pessimists.

Throughout his life, Henry Ford has emphasized the importance of quality for the success of the company. As we said at the beginning of the article that a company can not survive without customers, we must note that quality can not live without. Quality is what makes the customer is satisfied, re- purchase and recommend us.

I like this phrase. My interpretation of it is that you can not fool the customer. Today, marketing and advertising have become powerful tools, but not enough to sell image. Apparently not enough that we are doing very well, have to be done even when no one is watching.

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