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How It Works: Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Go to


Entrepreneurs select Pitch

Investor select Fund

Step 2

Entrepreneurs, select Upload

(Pre-recorded pitch) or Record

(LIVE pitch)

Investors, Fill in the blank, with your

name and Select a topic to fund.

Step 3

Click on the Go Live button and start

meeting Entrepreneurs and Investors

immediately. For random video chats,

please keep clicking the Next button

repeatedly until you find your perfect match.

Benefits and Features

(Benefits, Features, Facts)

Money Blitz Television is a new online video chat room funding community,

where elevator pitches go viral in less than 60 seconds. Entrepreneur and

investors are fundraising in real time using our video chat funding product.


All projects expire in 30 days

Funded Projects 90% - 95% Payouts

Video pitch recording

Playback feature

Peer to peer or group video

Video chat room funding

Instant messaging

Video call

Video messages

Random video chats

Next button feature

Control settings button

Money ticker

Count down timer

Switch feature


Strong ROI from partnerships

Tax Deductions

Video chat room funding


Random video chat

Text chat, voice chat, video chat

Video conferences

LIVE pitching

Collaborate in real time

Watch one minute pitches

Fund different categories

Money calculator feature

Funding Balance sheet data

Investors Spreadsheets

American Express Payment Gateway

MoneyBlitz Facts Traffic,

Traction, and Growth:

College Students /

Startups / Entrepreneurs

/ Small Businesses = 80%

Financial Institutions /

Banks / VCs / Angels /

Investors = 20%

Accredited Investors

Funded Rounds

Revenues %

Pre-Seed: 95%,

Seed Round: 4%,

Early Stage: 1% Sizes of


$5k (Smallest),

$100k (Largest),

$15k - 25k (Average) Total

Number of Investments

Funded in 12 months




Total capital raised


Number of private funds raised


Latest fund raised


Number of investments made since launching in 2013

Meet the Team

Founder/CEO - Pierre de la Fortune

CTO - Nidin Vinayak

CSO - Tony Dib

CMO - Erin Triplett

CFO - Kyle Stefanski

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