Funding ideas
with a purpose is the world's first and only
video chat room funding platform.
Bringing entrepreneurs and investors
together for fundraising in real time.



  • 90% - 95% payouts for funded projects.
  • Minimum entrepreneurs can earn is $5,000.
  • Projects funded in 30 days or less.
  • Deposits into funded bank accounts 1-3 business days.
  • Full access to all investors in real time.


  • Free storage space to "Record" multiple one minute pitches.
  • Our "Switch" feature allows you to fund your own account.
  • By always clicking the "Next" button you can meet new investors.



  • Quick ROI (Return On Investment) from unlimited partnerships.
  • Tax Breaks & Tax Deductions for "specific" projects.
  • Security Metrics Certified and GeoTrust SSL Protected.
  • American Express Payment Gateway Processing.
  • offers stock options to potential board members.


  • Watch "LIVE" free pitches from work or home.
  • Meet the entrepreneurs on-line "individually" or in a "group" video chat.
  • Receive funding balance sheets data "everyday" or whenever you login.

How It Works: Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Go to


Entrepreneurs select Pitch

Investor select Fund

Step 2

Entrepreneurs, select Upload

(Pre-recorded pitch) or Record

(LIVE pitch)

Investors, Fill in the blank, with your

name and Select a topic to fund.

Step 3

Click on the Go Live button and start

meeting Entrepreneurs and Investors

immediately. For random video chats,

please keep clicking the Next button

repeatedly until you find your perfect match.

Disclaimer:Money Blitz Television offers all users, visitors, and potential investors the opportunity to contribute to funding a pitch or pitches on our site. However, we are not responsible for any third party partnerships or contracts (between the potential investors and entrepreneurs seeking capital).