Payment and Charges

FREE only to sign up!!! However, if your project gets funded you are responsible for paying all fees and taxes associated with your use of Money Blitz Television. We charge a 5% service fee & processing courtesy fee of 4.5% if your pitch is funded through our website. No Refund Policy!!! All transactions are final. To collect your startup capital you must live in the United States of America and you must fill out a 1099 form. You will be held responsible for the money that you have raised. Money Blitz Television will be held responsible for our nine point five percent service fee and processing courtesy fee. If you start your pitch and afterwards you reach your goal, but refuse to fill out the 1099 form. Money Blitz Television will return your contributions to the investors who supported you, but we will still keep our five percent service fee.

Money Blitz Television will still keep our 5% service fee and we will include additional fees for the inconvenience. All fees are collected for Money Blitz Television by American Express Merchant Services. We are subject to change our fees based on promotions at any given time. Once you have mailed us the 1099 form fully complete with all your information. We will review it and send it to the IRS, along with our legal documents. Money Blitz Television will mail you a check within 5-7 business days or make a bank deposit into your banking account. If you still have questions please e-mail us at or call us at 310-926-5342.

How it Works (Chat room)

1) First register or login, after you have completed that process. You will be sent to the MoneyBlitz chat room.

2) Click the new button, and select either "start pitch", "start fund", or "skip". If you select "start pitch" the camera & microphone will come on and you can hit the "record button" and start recording your one minute elevator pitch. If you select "start fund" you will have the option to watch and fund different entrepreneurs pitches. For more information about "start fund" read number #8. If you select "skip" you will return back to chat room.

3) Once you made your decision to "start pitch". Fill out the green overlay "Start Pitch" form. Type your name, e-mail address, and describe what you are pitching. Oh yeah most important how much money you are looking to raise. Must be willing to raise minimum $5,000 or more and you will only have 30 days to reach your goal. After you finished reading the terms and conditions. You can get started by clicking the "I Agree" button and selecting to "record pitch" or "upload pitch".

4) Users will be asked to either record a video pitch or upload a video pitch. If you decided to record a pitch you will click record button and start pitching. If you decide to upload a video you will upload a file from your computer to our website. Users will only have two videos per e-mail address that is assigned to MoneyBlitz website. What we mean by that is if users record one pitch they can always re-record their pitch and replace their uploaded video, but they can never record more then just those two videos. They have to stick to only one e-mail address per money blitz account. For all account users who want to start a pitch on MoneyBlitz needs a new e-mail address for all new pitches.

5) Once users have selected a pitch or video to post to their chat room they will click the start button and begin pitching live. Users will be in the small screen camera box that has LIVE flashing at the top of the screen in red. Next to them in boxes two, three, and four. They will have other random users also streaming changing boxes every time the next button is clicked.

6) The next button will not only change different videos and pitches on the big screen. The small boxes will change on there own randomly. Users will only be able to communicate with the people streaming in the small boxes. Once the investor has paid with their credit card. Only then can they talk privately about their business ideas in the private chat room. However they can chat with as many people as they want in the chat room group text message box. There will be random people in the chat message box that will make the group messaging interactive.

7) If users are pitching and they have two or more people in their chat text messaging box, they can have a group chat. Now as soon as a investor funds the person pitching they are now able to have a private one on one chat about their business ventures.

8) Now if the user select "Start Fund" and fill out the blue overlay. Type your name and e-mail address, then click on the category drop box. Choose which project you would like to fund. After you have made your decision you will be routed back to the chat room. You will see yourself in the small screen camera boxes, with everyone else who is streaming live online.

9) The funding chat room for investors work the same way as the start a pitch chat room for entrepreneurs. The big difference is users that use the funding chat room don't have the 30 days time ticker. They have a fund button every time they click fund they will be taken to the credit card page. After they have filled out the credit form with their credit card information (they are routed back to the funding chat room). The entrepreneur they just funded is now waiting for them privately, so they can now talk business one on one.

10) They will have unlimited time with the person pitching that they just funded. Now at any given time the person pitching or the person funding can decide to end the conversation, by clicking the next button. Once the conversation has ended the person pitching will go back to their chat room and finish pitching to other potential investors. While the person who just got finishing funding a pitch will remain in there room looking to fund more pitches. If the investor finds a different project to fund, they would have to fill out a new credit card information form. Investors will always have to fill out new credit card forms for each new project they are funding. Because MoneyBlitz never stores credit card information on our website. If you still have questions about our credit card policy please e-mail us at

Swappable Cameras (Chat room)

The way this feature is suppose to work if all three small camera boxes are being funded and used by paying contributors. Then other people (who are the fourth, fifth, six, seven, eighth and so on) will still fill out the credit form, and hangout in the group text messaging chat room box. Where they can text message (with everyone involved with funding the pitch). The person pitching at any given time can drag and drop from the text message chat room into any of the three boxes: 2nd box, 3rd box, and 4th box. The box with the person pitch in it is always the first box (blinking Live in red flashing lights). The video/audio chat and text chat is only possible privately (one on one) for users who paid with their credit card.

How it Works (Tv Channel)

1) Please sign-in to watch the Tv Channel. Click the tv channel button and you can watch movies, tv shows, and hyper linked embedded videos.

2) If you select the tv channel button sub menu (drop down) tab, you will have three choices 1) upload videos, 2) watch your own personal (private or public) videos and 3) play video games.

3) By clicking the first choice #1) Upload Video: Fill out the upload video form. Then click on Personal tab under the tv channel button to watch what you just uploaded.

4) Now click second choice #2) Personal (public or private) videos. You should be able to see all the videos you just uploaded. You will have a max of 30 videos you can upload for FREE. If you would like to upload more than 30 videos you would have to pay extra for more storage disk space.

5) The last option on the tv channel sub menu (drop down) tab would be the third choice #3) Video Games. Click the video game that you would like to play and GO NUTS ;-)

Procedures (Tv Channel)

1) For all users who would like to make money on their personal public videos. Must create original content videos if you want to get paid on Money Blitz Television.

2) Must have permission to use all audio and video of the original content videos you are posting for profit. Creators will not get paid if they share their videos with other websites, and if they use audio and video that they don't own or have permission to use.

3) Anyone can create or view a video on, as long as they have an account with us. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD, we are not Netflix!!! For us to grow our business (as a startup), MoneyBlitz must have separate accounts for ALL our users. NO JOINT accounts available right now, but maybe in the very near future. We will keep you posted on updates and any new changes.

4) Please make sure all personal public posted videos are appropriate for all ages. MUST keeep everything PG or at least PG-13 (that you post publicly). Here at, we < 3 LOVE F$%KING Rated R & NC-17 videos. However some of our others users (i.e. investors) might get turned off by provocative videos.

5) For all creators make sure you fill out your title, description, and tags for all public videos that you would like to turn into webisodes. Because this will increase your chances for more ads, which means more money. Please e-mail us at for more information about our revenue sharing plan.

How it Works (Articles)

1) Please click the articles tab under the Home page. You will see the 12 months listed articles, with a stock market ticker tape scrolling across the top of the page.

2) Users can click on the current month and day. Read the article and watch the related video. Users can also get inspired by reading the word & quote of the day, which can be sent to your e-mail if you subscribe.

3) Our users can sign up for a e-mail subscription, by filling out the subscription form. They will receive new articles everyday, YES even on Saturdays & Sundays. They can also cancel the subscription at any given time. However it is better to know the news and be disappointed, than to not know and always wonder.

4) Now if our users scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, they will see the comments section. We welcome you to leave comments (good or bad). Hell, we need the feedback (so please just be honest). If you think the articles or videos "SUCK" let us know!!! We are always working hard to improve on the things we are not good at. If you think you can do better than us please read number #5.

5) is also looking for volunteer guest writers to post articles on our site. We like all types of writers who are informative, passionate, and cool, but controversial writers are our favorites. Please submit your articles to


-The Team